The Birth Of Totaller
Slide Show, S1 Artspace, Sheffield (live performance with Ashley Holmes), September 2016

[Later - the new ones have to wait some time before they see the fabled pigsy … a revelatory moment .. .when the carmine puddle takes form again … only then do the new ones gain full strength….and Pigsy names the four – Totaller! And Totaller return to earth, passing through the labial cumulous vapour, and create a craggy peak/mound of amplifiers so large it sinks a continent (single speakers made out of whole supermarkets/ TK Maxxs/ retail parks), and when they strike the first discordant blow it sends shockwaves to the centre of Earth, which explodes into a million trillion shards and boiling molten lumps and the carbon dust gathers into sticks and makes charcoal writing on the hurtling tectonic plates and the writing spells…. 'Fuck u all lol xxx mwah', ... or 'Totaller woz eya b4u idst' (does anyone else remember idst? - 'if destroyed still true')

BOTH (Chanting):
Totaller is hyperbolic
Totaller is Shambolic
Totaller is chaosmic
Totaller is hysterical
Totaller is autistic
Totaller is epileptic
Totaller is powerful
Totaller is Orgasmic
Totaller is Caustic
Totaller is Vulcanistic
Totaller is Omnishabolic
Totaller is Disorder
Totaller has Risen
Totaller is Born